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Sunday, October 9, 2011

detective "Reactor Design"...


Sebenarnya entry kali ni ialah tugasan berkumpulan aku untuk subjek yang aku ambil sem ni. Saja nak post kat sini sebab aku rasa macam best pulak cerita yang aku dan rakan-rakan kelentong ni... haha... Enjoy your reading!!!

EPF 3801


·        SITI NORSALEHAH BINTI YUNOS                                             (154302)
·        MASTURA BINTI MOHD SAMADI                                              (154604)
·        NUR FATIN AWANIS BINTI MOHD ZIN                                    (154332)
·        NURUL JESIMA BINTI ABDUL MALIK BASHA                         (151957)



                One morning, there is newly opened bakery shop. The open ceremony is very grand because everybody is invited to taste the special chocolate doughnut made by famous chef in the town, named Chef Runi. The doughnuts are served to everyone that came to that opening ceremony while it is still hot. The VIPs’ sat around the round table. One of them is Miss Sally who’s the most glamorous girl in the town. Everybody admire her, guys especially!

                However, she has a unique habit, but a silly one. She used to touch her earring using her right hand whenever she’s got shocked. Before Miss Sally taste the hot doughnut, a waiter accidently spilled hot coffee on her hand. Spontaneously, she touched her right earring, she was very angry at the waiter, to be specific, Mr. Eric. There was a quarrel between them. Mr. Eric then apologized to her and left the table.

                Miss Sally decided to enjoy herself, so she quickly grabbed the hot chocolate doughnut without bothering anyone at the table. She was very hungry, so she took large bites of the doughnut and finished it within minutes. Suddenly, she fell on the table. Everybody got shocked after looking at that incident. One of the guests checked her pulse rate and the result was negative. SHE WAS DEAD!

                The ceremony was spoiled. After a while, police squad and detective arrived. Some investigation had done and the Chief police announce that this was a murder caused by food poison. Now, they are hunting for the murderer, who is the murderer? The chef who cooked the doughnut? The waiter who served the doughnut? The VIPs sitting around the table with Miss Sally? But how and why?

The questions in mind:

                The chef was suspected as he was the only person who made the doughnut. He might be the one who put the poison in it. He has no alibi since everybody who worked at the bakery was busy entertaining the guests. He is the only person with no alibi among the three suspects.

                Meanwhile, the waiter is also suspected because he brought the coffee and spilled in onto Miss Sally’s hand, which the hand she used to eat the doughnut. But, the coffee also spilled a little bit onto other VIP who sat beside Miss Sally. Point to think, why the VIP didn’t die together with Miss Sally if the coffee was poisoned.

                There is also high possibility for the VIPs around the table to kill Miss Sally because they are near to her. One of them might put the poison on Miss Sally’s doughnut.

Solving the case:

                The poison was found originally on Miss Sally’s right earring. When she touched it using her right hand, the poison transferred to her fingertips. Then, she used the same hand to eat the hot doughnut with lot of juicy chocolate cream covered around it. The poison used to kill Miss Sally react faster when encounters with high temperature. Since the chocolate cream and the poison are both semi-liquid, so they react faster with the aid of collision theory.

                Moreover, the doughnut has a larger surface area. So, more collisions occur between poison and chocolate cream. Thus, this increases the reaction rate. The concentration of poison inside her body is also high because she finished the whole doughnut in a short time. This killed her instantly.

The murderer:

                Since the poison is on the earring, Chef Runi is not considered as suspect. So does the people around the table. The only left suspect is Mr. Eric, the waiter, which is also the ex-boyfriend of Miss Sally. Mr. Eric is the only person who knew Miss Sally’s habit when she got shocked. So, he planned the murder before the ceremony start. He knows Miss Sally will remove her right earring to clean her right ear. Miss Sally surely doesn’t want to shame herself every time before any events begin. That is why she needs to clean her right ear that always bleeds. Mr. Eric removed the toilet tissue paper so that his plan becomes successful. So, Miss Sally went out the toilet to find tissue paper, leaving her earring in the toilet. Mr. Eric takes this opportunity to put the poison on it.

                Mr. Eric murdered Miss Sally because he wants to revenge her for dumping him for another guy.

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